I have a challenge for you

I have a challenge for you

By Jennifer MacKenzie

The other day I was chatting with one of my friends about life, and I was questioning everything. I was on sort of a Negative Nelly rant about life.   This past year and a bit has kind of made me a Debbie Downer. The lack of socializing, hugging people, and adventures is not good for my soul or smile. It is getting better. 

I felt alone and had a “what did I do in a past life?” kind of moment thinking about the baggage I carry after being a cancer survivor, etc., just feeling lost and sorry for myself. (These days are okay to have sometimes; just putting that out there.) My friend turned around and told me how he saw my life:

  • Great family
  • Good friends
  • Moving to a brand new condo
  • Trip booked for when traveling is okay again
  • Best dog
  • Good hair

It was a real eye opener to have someone tell me how they saw my life. I am always thankful for family and friends, but to hear his list and how he saw my positives as a person looking in was a total reality check. It turned my sour mood around. 

Take a moment to ask someone who knows you to tell you how they see your life. It was refreshing and humbling. Sometimes we just need to see it from a different view to bring the focus back.

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