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Graft vs. Host Disease: A Little Christmas Rhyme

Only days remain between now and Santa sliding down the “chimbley”
He’ll bring toys and presents for the whole family
Hope you’re ready for his arrival at your place
Don’t forget to leave some milk and cookies for him to taste

He’ll be the round jolly fellow with the big sack in the red suit
Traditionally he spends all year with elves making lots of loot
But that isn’t what he’s best at, not Santa, he’s about much more than that

I’ll remind you of the Who’s from Whoville, and what happened to their little town
How the Grinch stole their presents, and then went to Mt. Crumpit to dump them down
But Mr. Grinch soon realized that he couldn’t take Christmas away from anybody
Each person has Christmas Spirit, we all have Santa within us individually

Our views of what Christmas really is must certainly vary
For some it’s toys, some it’s turkey and family, some it’s all party
Whatever your view hopefully we can agree on one thing
Christmas at it’s core and at it’s best, is all about giving

Just 4 days till Christmas, I’ll be in touch off and on over the holidays
but wanted to wish you all the best Christmas ever. I’m sure this one will
be as special as any Christmas I’ve ever had. Back soon and Happy Holidays.


Live Life. Love Life.


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