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Game 2

I said I would write so I am writing with a few notes. As I have mentioned I am participating in a study that is comparing two chemo treatment protocols. There are two options for the second round and each patient is assigned to a given treatment randomly. I have been grouped into the 7 day treatment, which is the same treatment I had in Game 1. This is not the “traditional” treatment, the other option, which is a 5 day treatment, is now considered the “traditional” treatment. As far as I can tell, the study will determine which overall treatment is most effective.

My Doctor has asked if we can start chemo right after XMAS, although he did explain that it is my call and I could talk him into starting in the new year, if that is my preference.

In the next 12-16 hours I will decide which treatment I will have, the random selection of the study or the “traditional” treatment, and I will decide when to drop the puck for the second game. From this point on I will have at least two more rounds of chemo, the details of each will be determined in the next several weeks, I will keep you posted.

Have a great XMAS and I will be in touch with any news.


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