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Feeling Update

Hi guys and gals, writing to you in hopes you will all get this message before the end of the day. No real news to pass on as I may have mentioned, this week and next will be “no news” weeks, relatively speaking. Outside of the news department I am feeling well, but still really low on the energy side. My platelets and red cells are fluctuating frequently, which sees me get one or both about every second day. This is not too bad, but does interfere with my day passes as red cells can take up to SEVEN hours to inject, while platelets are usually done in 15-20 minutes. Of course receiving red cells are like most anything there are people can do it really well and there are people who don’t pay attention to the details. Unfortunately I haven’t learned the fine details of the set-up yet, but it is quite a contraption the blood travels through prior to entering me.

While energy is low, I did manage to make it through yesterday without one nap, not even after my shower, which usually puts me out for 1-2 hours. Of course I did follow that today with a rock solid sleep in the afternoon hours. Outside of sleep, my days are filled with playing on my computer, chatting on the phone and with my family visitors, and of course planning my return to the real world. The latter is quite fun and really gets my brain going, as being in a place like this allows you to see first hand just what is needed. Believe me there are several opportunities for improvement.

I believe I also mentioned that my frustration level was beginning to rise due to the un-eventful nature of the coming days. Well this has been tamed for a number of reasons, but I do feel better about the situation today, although I am still not particularly happy with the “downtime”.

Please take comfort from the fact that I am feeling well, my infection is under control as was revealed by my consistent chest x-rays (it’s not shrinking, but not growing either), my attitude is as confident as ever, and the bad times can be classified as “bad hours” not “bad days”. I love to hear from you all and will continue to keep you posted, if you have specific questions please forward them, many of you already have, but I will try to answer everyone’s questions in an up coming message.

Have a great evening,


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