A YACC Chats update

A YACC Chats update

After hosting over 30 chats, YACC Chats leader Marley will be finishing up her term at the end of this month.

The impact she has had on the YACC community surpasses any quantifiable measures we could share. No numbers could portray the heart she has put into making everyone in her chats feel heard and seen. Within, and also outside, of her chats, she has worked very hard to lift everyone up. That makes a difference in someone’s life, and will not be easily forgotten.

Marley’s kindness, devotion, authenticity, compassion, and dependability have made her an incredible leader and supporter of this new program.
Marley, you will be deeply missed. But, we wish you all the best in your future endeavours — with YACC and beyond.

Marley is hosting two more chats before her term is up: August 15 “body image” and August 29 on “legacy.” Click here to register!

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