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Localife Toronto: BBQ and banter

On Sunday, August 29, the Localife Toronto crew got together to soak up the remaining rays of summer in one of the only ways they know how: a good ole fashioned backyard BBQ. Some of the simplest pleasures of summer can be attributed to sitting under an umbrella with some sweet corn or BBQ chicken, a quick dip in the pool, and some good company — this event managed to accommodate all three!

Localife Toronto hosted 10 members who made their way in and out of the comfort of leader Kayla Tremblett’s backyard throughout the afternoon. There was an array of food (courtesy of the leaders) with snacks, pop, and Portuguese chicken spread out across the kitchen and patio furniture. One generous member popped by the local Mississauga farmers’ market to pick up some sweet corn and peaches — what a treat! 

Most of the attendees were the same smiling faces that we tend to see at every event, and as a result the conversation and banter did not stop, even above the summer playlist curated by leader Alex Mandarino himself.

About halfway through the event, when most members were enjoying a refreshing swim, a member attending his first Localife event sauntered in and was welcomed with open arms! The fact that he entered with a basket of fresh fruit didn’t hurt.

All in all, one of the more traditional Localife events Toronto has hosted in the past few months turned out to be the one with the most engagement. This is the second backyard bbq this team has hosted, and due to its popularity, we wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes a yearly summer YACC event.

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