Your YACCtivists: Supporting you for two years

Your YACCtivists: Supporting you for two years

By Lesley Morrissey, Community Engagement Manager

It is with a bittersweet feeling that I write this thank you blog.

Two years ago, we brought together 15 incredible individuals for YACCtivist 2.0, and we were so excited to get this beloved program up and running again after a short hiatus.

The team came together from all over the country. We learned about storytelling, public relations, team work, and so much more. We bonded over the desire to help our YACCer buddies and dreamed of the day when no young adult would face a cancer diagnosis in isolation from their peers. Then, everyone was sent back to their own lives and communities, but the YACCtivist program was just getting started.

Over the past two years, our YACCtivist team has done so much! They have written over 90 blogs for YACC’s website (with them being viewed over 30,000 times!), they have been interviewed dozens of times by traditional media, podcasts, and others; and they have helped YACC reach over 1000+ new YACCers. They have also taken on independent projects such as writing a book, creating a regional support group, hosting regional events, and so much more. They have brought YACC to new heights and we couldn’t be prouder of the footprint they are leaving behind.

However, as with all good things, the term for this group of YACCtivists is coming to a close. Alex, Gabrielle, Blair, Matt, Keri, Ryan, Mandy, Ashley, Shana, Janelle, Jennifer M, Jennifer R, Dani, Marley, and Andrea — from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything you have done for YACC over the past two years. We are so excited to see your next steps and will have your backs, as you have had ours, always.


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