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YAC Prime: Body image concerns of young adult cancer survivors: A brief report

“The purpose of this study was to describe body image among YA cancer survivors and examine relationships between body image and personal (age, gender), medical (time since diagnosis, stage, recurrence, metastasis, treatment status, number of treatments received), and psychosocial (distress, social support, post traumatic growth) variables. Appropriate theoretical and empirical research informed the variables chosen. This study aimed to identify YAs who may be more likely to experience body image concerns.”

Click here to read the report from Madison F. Vani, MSc; Catherine M. Sabiston, PhD; Anika Petrella, PhD; Scott C. Adams, RKin, CSEP-CEP, PhD; Geoff Eaton, BBA; Karine Chalifour, BSW, BA; and Sheila N. Garland, PhD, R Psych.

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