We’ll miss these Localife leaders!

We’ll miss these Localife leaders!

YACC has three Localife positions to fill right across the country. While we are sad to see Kelly (Localife St. John’s), Samantha (Localife Toronto), and Anja (Localife Victoria) step down, we are so very happy that they are moving forward with their lives and we are so very grateful to for the impact they will leave on Localife and the members we have in each of these cities.

Kelly, you took on Localife St. John’s with so much energy and passion. You helped us grow the community tremendously, and you engaged the members in a brand new way. Your life is busy (five boys, your own business, etc.) but you always found time to keep Localife St. John’s moving. Your devotion to this community is beyond measure, as is our love for you and all you have done — and continue to do — for YACC.

Samantha, your quiet, sensitive personality is such a strong leadership quality. I hope you know how much it meant to all of us to have you jump in and help with Localife Toronto this year. We are excited to see you grow, and we know you will stay involved.

Anja, without you, there would be no Localife in Victoria. Many years ago, you decided you wanted to build community and connections in your local environment. You worked hard and made this happen. You were also on board with YACC when we brought Localife to the island, and you helped us nurture the program through the first-year transition . We could not be more grateful for that.

All of you ladies are such power-houses in your own ways. You have built connections, developed friendships, and changed lives. We are so excited to see what you do next!

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