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We Get It: Life after cancer with Kayla Tremblett (season 3, episode 5)

Closed captioning available on our YouTube links!A familiar face joins the We Get It program this week as Kayla Tremblett joins Alex to discuss her introduction to YACC and how she quickly stepped into a leadership volunteer role after taking so much away from the inclusive programming. The two also touch on their Localife experiences and how cancer played a role in Kayla’s entrepreneur ventures!



Simple Ritual Candles

This Infernal Racket

Kayla identifies as an Estonian-Canadian pansexual female, currently in a relationship. “I like to tell people I was in my prime before cancer. I was energetic, busy and happy but definitely naive. I was active, loved nutrition and fitness, very social and really was just living life.”

When Kayla was diagnosed and faced a two-and-a-half year treatment protocol as well as years of recovery, she felt alone, lost, and disconnected. “It was not until 2017, about one-and-a-half years after I had finished my treatment that I finally was able to start my healing process. I really struggled with PTSD, depression and anxiety in the first four years of my recovery. I still struggle but I now have a strong sense of myself, who and what is important in life. I am still working on myself, and working through my emotions from cancer, but I am a better person than I ever was, and I take every day as a gift.”

You can check out all of the videos on YouTube or website!

Thank you to our partners at CIBC for making this web series possible!

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