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We Get It: Balls of Shit

In this week’s episode of We Get It, Karine speaks with Alex and Gabrielle about the ins and outs of their new book as they share the wisdom associated with the close-knit Balls of Shit theory (BST) and how it relates to post-traumatic growth after a cancer diagnosis. 

Although the theory name may make you crack a smile, the contents and learnings build a foundation on how to rid yourself of thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you.  

Simply put, the BST illustrates the importance of letting go of actions, thoughts, and feelings that no longer serve us. The BST is about introspection. It is about looking inwards to identify, process, and let go of our balls of shit — that is, the shit that is holding us back from living our best lives. Thank you to our partners at CIBC for making this web series possible!

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