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To endings and new beginnings

As YACC settles in to its new fiscal year, we have said “goodbye” to some of our Localife leaders who wrapped up their terms last year.

These amazing individuals took on the role of Localife leaders just before, — or during — the pandemic. No one could have expected the challenges they had to face — changing the social, in-person, connecting part of our national community on the local level to becoming an online-only point of connection (for many, many months).

But these individuals took on the challenge with grace, commitment and dedication, all while keeping the heart of the community at the forefront. We will be forever grateful to them, and the other leaders that have gone before them, for the work they did, and for the time they took to ensure local connections remained strong and that their cancer buddies had a place to chill out and be themselves in a room (digital or otherwise) where others “got it.”

Alex, Ashley, Harjeet, Kayla, and Morgan: thank you for everything you have done for the community and YACC. Without your passion, creativity and dedication, Localife would have been lost to the pandemic.

With this change, there are several Localife cities looking for new leaders, including Winnipeg, Ottawa, St. John’s, Toronto, and Edmonton.

To read more about what it means to be a Localife leader and to apply for one of these (or other) positions, please click here.

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