The 2019 New Year poem

The 2019 New Year poem

I would like to address
The monster that is Fear
It tells me I will suffer
That my family will be in pain watching
That all efforts are futile
And that each upcoming year
May very well be my Last

But it cannot defeat me
Not today at least

Because I have dreams of Learning
And I will learn each day
That has been given to me

And I have dreams of Giving
And I will give
In any opportunity given to me

I have dreams of silently reaching out
To that which is not defined or understood
In the peace that eviscerates demons
Where in the quietness, there is Everything

O Demon of Fear!
Death is evident.
And Suffering and Sorrow –
– even more so

But you cannot take away
The Goodness that is there
For it is just as evident, just as deep
As the suffering that plagues us

And so New Year’s Day is a strange day
The year that just passed
Was the final year, the last year
When I did not acknowledge
The frailty of my body

The truth remains
That we are all fragile
Whether we are aware of it or not.
We will all suffer
And we will all die

But we all have time left
A very specific amount
Whether it is a second, or minutes
Or days, months, or years
Some very specific amount of time
Left to Live

And so, at least for today
I will wave goodbye to my smirking demon
There is no time to waste on It today.

I will dream
I will feel gratitude
I will love
I will learn
I will give

And I will be at peace.


A member of the YACC community asked to publish their poetry anonymously, and we’re always happy to help YACCers express themselves however they feel most comfortable. Reach out to us at [email protected] to discuss ways to help share your story.

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