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Kara Leduc


I identify as a woman, mother, thyroid cancer survivor, and Canadian, and I like to encourage kindness and compassion.

Kara (she/her) is kind, resourceful, and thoughtful.

She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2017 at the age of 31, shortly after her son was born. She had a thyroidectomy and a radical left neck dissection in 2018 and was declared no evidence of disease later that year.

She connected with YACC in 2019 when she joined the YACC’s private Facebook group. She has virtually attended the Survivor Conference, Big Cancer Hook-up, and Localife events, and has volunteered for the YACCtivist program.

She enjoys the connection and support YACC provides, and she wants to help make more young adults aware of YACC so they can feel less alone in their cancer journeys.

[Image description: Kara Leduc, wearing a beige turtleneck sweater, sits in front of a grey and white wall. The image is cut off at her waist.]

Diagnosis: Thyroid cancer

Age at diagnosis: 31

Location: BC


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