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Jay Abramovitch


I identify as an English Canadian with a mixed European descent, straight, father, husband, firefighter, uncle, advocate, colon cancer warrior, man with an easy going nature, passionate for helping others.

Jay (He/Him) is a laid-back-supportive-known-to-push-boundaries-and-walks-to-the-beat-of-his-own-drum cancer survivor.

After being diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer in November 2020, he underwent a successful bowel resection and is on the home stretch of 12 rounds of clean up chemotherapy.

He quickly made the decision shortly after diagnosis that he needed to find a community of like-minded people who understand the cancer journey, and he found YACC in December 2020.

Since joining YACC, Jay jumped right in and immersed himself in the community, taking part in numerous YACC Chats, virtual conferences, and connecting with fellow YACCers. He is grateful and excited for the opportunity to be volunteering to support his fellow peers.

Through years of personal and professional experiences, Jay is a wealth of knowledge and a true advocate. He hopes sharing this passion and lived experiences with fellow YACC members will support and encourage them to take control of their cancer journeys.

Diagnosis: Stage 3 colon cancer

Age at diagnosis: 36

Location: ON


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