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Localife Leader - Ottawa

Heather (she/her) is caring, supportive, and eager to help.

She is a papillary carcinoma with tall cell variant (thyroid cancer) thriver. She was diagnosed at the age of 32 and had total thyroidectomy surgery and then radioactive iodine treatments in 2017, and now has no evidence of disease as of spring 2018.

She connected with YACC in January 2018, attending the Big Cancer Hook-up in Ottawa for her first event. Since then, she has participated in Localife Ottawa events, multiple Big Cancer Hook-ups, multiple Survivor Conference Virtual events, a few YACC Chats, House Party Ottawa, was on the social committee for Survivor Conference Virtual: Chance, and was most recently a YACCtivist.

She is eager to give back to YACC and the AYA community because this community was such an important part of her own cancer experience.

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