Two perspectives from Retreat Yourself Ontario 2019

Photo diary: Retreat Yourself Ontario 2019

YACC’s program director, Karine Chalifour, posts daily recaps on Facebook during Retreat Yourself and Survivor Conference. Here is a compilation of what she saw and felt during Retreat Yourself ON based in Paris, ON from March 14-18, 2019.

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More enticing (and likely effective) than a tablespoon of wasabi

It was late March when I remembered YACC and reached out. I was sitting in a crowded Starbucks, avoiding some impending academic outline, plugging in answers to the Retreat Yourself application on my phone with my neuropathically unsteady fingers. I figured I was late applying and probably wouldn’t be eligible, or that I hadn’t found the hidden fee that wouldn’t fit into my strict ODSP budget.

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Photo diary: Retreat Yourself Ontario

Retreat Yourself Ontario 2015 wrapped up on Monday, April 20. There’s still a lot to say and we’ll do a formal recap later, but we wanted to capture some of our favourite moments from Karine’s social media accounts to give you a little of the inside scoop.

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Laura’s Retreat Yourself Ontario recap

As a group we enjoyed a bonfire, ate fantastic meals, laughed, made art, and took amazing walks along tree-lined trails. We talked about cancer and so much more because we are so much more than our diagnoses. We have lives that are full and terrifying and uniquely our own.

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Meet some of the newest members of the YACC family

Kathy and Jason Stock tried to use every excuse in the book to avoid coming to Retreat Yourself Ontario 2014: They didn’t have childcare, Jason might not be able to get the time off work, Kathy’s MCP card was all the way across the room when she started the application form one night, etc. Geoff didn’t give up on them, though, and after a series of fortunate events, they found themselves in downtown Toronto on their way to Northumberland Heights with the rest of the group.

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Kathy’s Retreat Yourself Ontario 2014 recap

Since the beginning of my cancer journey 15 months ago, I have never felt has safe to speak my mind and be my real, authentic self as I did in that group. It was so, unbelievably safe, and they got “it,” they “got me,” and I “got them.”

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