Living with a fear of recurrence

My 3-year cancerversary

It’s nearly been three years since December 28, 2017 — the day I was diagnosed with ocular melanoma

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Cancer taught me to embrace change

By Ashley Stead-Morine My life took a 180 at 27; I’m not complaining. If you’ve followed my blog posts, listened to my story on Soar Above Cancer and Sickboy podcasts,…

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Fear of not living

By Ashley Stead-Morine Fellow YACCtivist Shana Coulliard recently blogged about her experience at the “Writing Through Cancer” workshops during our training weekend. The workshop unexpectedly allowed me to dig deep…

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YACCtivist: Ashley Stead-Morine (she/her)

“My first interaction with YACC included spilling all of my fears on the Facebook group. The responses from YACCers — strangers to me at that point — brought more comfort than hearing ‘you’ll be OK’ from my mother.”

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