Survivor Conference 2019: The Climb is coming to Niagara!

Survivor Conference 2019: The Climb is coming to Niagara!

Hello everyone,

I know many of you have been wondering if we will be hosting a Climb at this year’s Survivor Conference, and I am so happy to say we are!

Those of you who have attended Survivor Conference will be familiar with our Climb, but for those of you who are new, here is some background on this super special portion of the Survivor Conference:

In 1999, Geoff Eaton (YACC’s ED and Founder) returned home from the hospital after his first acute myeloid leukemia diagnosis, and the experience left him unable to support himself enough to walk. Shortly thereafter, he made the long, triumphant walk to the couch from the rental hospital bed he was confined to in his living room. (Read more)

In 2000, he celebrated those “first steps” by climbing Signal Hill in St. John’s, NL with nearly 200 of his closest family, friends, and supporters who had been following along with his “RealTime Cancer” email updates. Over the next few years, the annual event grew to see nearly 1000 people heading up the hill with him. This changed in 2009 when we merged the Climb with our annual Survivor Conference and saw how powerful it was to face that kind of a challenge with young adult cancer patients/survivors and their supporters. 

We are excited to bring the Survivor Conference Climb to St. Catharines on May 19. Over 100 young adults affected by cancer will “climb” Queenston Heights Park in an act of remembrance, celebration, and possibility.

This will be the first time we are “climbing” in this location, but we estimate it will take about 20-30 minutes for us all to get to the top. We will be climbing up a beautiful trail through the woods on a fully accessible trail. We recommend comfy clothes and shoes. If you are concerned about walking to the top, don’t be. We will arrange transportation for those who cannot walk the trail, but who wish to participate in the remembrance ritual on the top.

We are excited to share this meaningful and important piece of our program with you at this year’s Survivor Conference!


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