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Localife Calgary enjoys St. Patrick’s Day pub night

On March 17, 2019, the Localife Calgary held a pub night at Greta Games Bar for St. Patrick’s Day.

The evening started out with most of our members ordering a snack from the international food truck residing inside the bar. From Korean noodles and Hawaiian lunch plates to honey glazed Greek donuts, our members had a great selection to choose from if they were hungry.

Next we did an icebreaker by asking our Localife crew “What instrument would you be, and why?” The responses varied greatly. Julie identified herself as a drum kit as they are hardcore, Leanna chose a harp as they are whole-heartedly beautiful, and there were a shocking amount of members who chose their instrument because it “is hard to play.”

Our group sat at the tables for a while chatting and laughing while Jeremy sipped on his green cider and others downed their mocktails. The only complaint to be (barely) heard was a few of us felt the music was played a little too loud to allow for conversations at any distance. On the bright side, the playlist was made up of jolly Irish tunes to fit the occasion.

After some conversation, the real fun started. Each member was given a card for and an hour of unlimited game play at the arcade. Nic, Juli,e and Melina played an intense game of Buck Hunter, which revealed that Melina (me) may spend too much time at the arcade. Jazmine and Corrine showed that they could hold their own if there were a zombie apocalypse by taking down swarm after swarm and rarely losing any lives. The whole crew took turns playing Mario Kart and Skee Ball until our hour was up.

This pub night was yet another event were bonds and friendship were made, and was a fun night away from the stress that often comes with having cancer or being a survivor.

We hope to see even more YACC members come together at our next event in late April!

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