Photo diary: Retreat Yourself Adventure 2019

Photo diary: Retreat Yourself Adventure 2019

YACC’s program director, Karine Chalifour, posts daily recaps on Facebook during Retreat Yourself and Survivor Conference. Here is a compilation of what she saw and felt during Retreat Yourself Adventure based in Rocky Harbour, NL from September 12-16, 2019.

Day 1

And we have started! Met with what is already an amazing combo of people! Tonight’s opening circle tonight was beautiful in its simplicity and honesty. The energy of everyone is palpable and the hopes for the retreat have already started to be realized. Grateful for this group, the sky clearing up over supper, and Peter Barker and Mary for their help with luggage. Grateful for the warm welcome at Fisherman’s Landing and Ocean View Hotel. Grateful to share this retreat with my sweet colleague Angie for the first time. Grateful for what is yet to come — and it’s only day 1. Tomorrow is the Lookout Trail hike. I know it’s going to be epic. Have a wicked amazing restful night; I know we will!


Day 2

The day started with the sun, a short boat trip, and a beautiful hike on the Lookout Trail. There isn’t anything more beautiful than people bonding, supporting, and encouraging each other, adapting their pace to one another, laughing, connecting, and caring, all while hiking in paradise! Grateful to the max for witnessing it happening today. So grateful for the sharing tonight, and for the laughter (oh, the laughter!).

Tomorrow we are tackling Gros Morne Mountain. We each have our mountain, we each have our summit, and that’s all that counts! Have a super night. I know I will.

Thank you to Bonne Bay Inn and Darlene for the warm welcome, the food, and the view! Thank you to Kristen from Gros Morne Adventures for taking care of us today and being such an awesome guide!


Day 3

What a fucking amazing day we ALL had! Like, unreal. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the wind was sleeping, but above all of this, everyone felt great about what they accomplished. Making the best choice is not always the easiest choice at first, but everyone was able make the most of each moment, both the easier and the more difficult ones. The solidarity, laughter, and support leaves me speechless.

The gratitude was overflowing this evening at our wrap up chat. The love and friendship was palpable. My heart is full. My feet are sore.

Huge thank you to Kristen, Jenna, and Colin, our guides from Gros Morne Adventures. You were all amazing!

Tomorrow it’s zip lining fun! Can’t wait. Good night!


Day 4

We ended this retreat with the same spirit and energy we started it with. Zip lining didn’t disappoint. It was amazing to see some people face their fears with such courage and humour. The drive back was smooth, filled with snoozes, music, laughter. The closing circle had the perfect amount of emotion, openness, honesty, and mindfulness. And games night was FUN (rutabaga)! Angie closed us off with a wicked slideshow that filled our hearts!

We are all leaving with hope, intentions, and love for whatever beginnings are next! Already looking forward to seeing everyone at our next event! Much love and gratitude!

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