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Meet YACC’s new Insight team!

After years of working towards this goal, we are so excited to announce our official Insight team.

YACC’s Insight team was developed with the purpose of providing personal experiences, expertise, and support for the development and delivery of YACC initiatives, especially support programs, fundraising, research, and communications, to ensure YACC has a wide breadth of knowledge included in decision making.

YACC will lean on the valuable and diverse perspectives of the committee members to ensure we continue to enhance support for all young adults dealing with cancer in Canada. 

The Insight team is one of YACC’s strategic initiatives to help us achieve our primary organizational mandate:

The Insight team will work with the YACC board and staff members to pitch actionable ideas/opportunities that will offer inclusion, belonging, and community to the key priority populations, groups, and communities. Members will have the opportunity to be a part of implementation of community efforts, as well as provide feedback on YACC efforts. 

Insight team members will also play a role in advocacy, coordination, insights, and continuous improvement. The team is regarded by the YACC board and staff members as a trusted group who can offer up their personal experiences, community advocacy knowledge, and those of their communities to the organization, critical thinking and analysis for consideration that will shape the YACC programming initiatives. 

Please join us in giving them a warm welcome!

Live life. Love life.


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