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Localife Toronto plays with clay

Localife Toronto had an artistic awakening on June 7 at Toronto’s Gardiner Museum as we participated in a workshop designed to help us “feel our emotions through art.” Tucked in the basement — passed priceless vases, hand-carved figures, and an amazing Ai Weiwei exhibit — 20 YACCers worked on their own masterpieces.

We had come to make vessels with smooth clumps of wet and grey clay. Patiently, we were instructed to shape a cup to carry and hold our emotions, and we made some beautiful vessels (and elephants, boats, foxes, abstractions. I personally made a chubby version of my cat). The room was full of lots of laughter and kindness with many YACCers reconnecting after the Survivor Conference, and some meeting for the first time.

Big takeaway of the night? YACCers are unmatched when it comes to taking something ugly and making it beautiful.

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