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Localife Toronto: An afternoon in the Distillery Winter Village

The holidays were on full display for the members of Localife Toronto on November 27 as the crew headed to the east end of the city to explore the newly rebranded Distillery Winter Village, formerly known as the famous Toronto Christmas Market.

The eight members that attended met up outside the event and headed into a winter wonderland of pop-up shops, food vendors, and entertainment. Due to the cold, it was almost a necessity to kick things off with hot chocolates all around at Cacao 70, which we held in our hands as the group milled around the first few streets of the holiday-themed event.

It didn’t take long for our Toronto group to find its way next to the 55-foot Christmas tree in the centre of the village. A smiling crew stood in front of this staple of the market for a picture that will culminate a great 2021 year for Localife Toronto.

As the day continued, everyone moved around the shops, buying little knickknacks, stopping off at the small food huts for chicken in a waffle cone, parmesan fries, poutine, and butter tarts! Everyone remarked at the fact that their waistline could take a hit for one day considering we’d never find a collection of foods like this again!

As day turned into evening and the group waited in line at a local antique store, the lights started to glow and the true elegance of the Distillery District was made clear. The display was phenomenal, and everyone was glad to have spent longer than anticipated in the village in order to take in the scene from above. Although the toques and scarves were in full display in the cold, our group confirmed it was a great way to cheers to a fantastic year.

[Image description: A group picture of six smiling young adults side-by-side, posing in front of the 55-foot Christmas tree outside at the Distillery Winter Village in Toronto, Ontario] 

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