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Localife Edmonton takes it out on the pumpkins

Dear Diary,

The yellow and blue team (also known as Young Adult Cancer Canada) have accepted me as their own. They have even decided to qualify me as a co-leader in the Edmonton chapter of their national organization. This was not my first encounter with the YACCers, and I knew they were a strange bunch of young adults, but what happened on Sunday, October 27 will forever mark me.

I arrived early at Mandy’s house, equipped with knives of varying sizes, a drill, and banana bread — normal Sunday gear — for today was the Great Pumpkin Reckoning. I knew Mandy, my fearless Localife accomplice, loved decorating for all holidays, but I was taken back by the vigour she held for gourd-death and candy. She had gone all out; streamers, gravestones, vampire mouth piece noise makers, skull mugs, treat bags, and a spread of delicious snacks bedecked her inviting home.

Our first participant arrived and carefully chose a pumpkin to murder. The carnage! Next, two more YACCers arrived, prepared to dismember the delicate pumpkin flesh. Then another soon arrived; she was hesitant at first to stab stab stab a design in to her own victim, but eventually the mob mentality sucked her in. Our final participant preferred to take in the view, perhaps even savouring the scene before him: the eight of us cackling with delight as the first guest took a second victim. I myself was taken in with this frenzy and carved another pumpkin. Then another joined us, and brought along the best-known gourd murdering fuel: cake and conversation.

Photos were taken to record our gleeful pumpkin-stabbing session, and posted for all to witness. We then carefully sorted the guts for the true prize of Halloween — the precious seeds — only to subject them to everything bagel seasoning and extreme temperatures! My predecessor even brought her four-month-old offspring to witness the butchery and inspire a true love for all things Halloween. Some of us decided to continue to horror by bringing a pumpkin home to eviscerate closer to the eve of ghoulish terrors and candy.

Satisfied with ourselves, we parted ways, knowing that soon we would gather again. I am forever altered by my experience and feel one with the YACC community, forever grateful for the unity around gourd death and the many other gathering we will soon hold.

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