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Localife Edmonton celebrates the holidays

To celebrate the holiday season, Localife Edmonton hosted a holiday party at a local community hall.

[Image description: A wide photo of many young adults sitting around a table.]

We had a couple of people who showed up early so they were put straight to work to help make snowflakes and decorate the hall with some holiday items. As more people trickled in, snacks of cookies and chips were laid out to hold people over until dinnertime. We also had hot apple cider to warm people up and egg nog to get people into the spirit. 

[Image description: Four young adults sitting around a table playing a card game.]

The night started off with some board games which tested some of our adult (and non-adult) knowledge. After a couple of rounds of games, we took a pizza break before playing some more. Soon afterwards we had our holiday “White Elephant” gift exchange which was fairly tame as not many gifts were stolen from one another. Everyone left with some great gifts or were able to avoid some holiday shopping for their loved ones.

[Image description: A group of young adults engaging in a card game around a table.]

As the night wrapped up, we had some great helpers who gave us a hand with clean up before heading back out into the cold. As everyone made their way home, we made sure to send everyone home with some leftover snacks, chocolate and a handmade “cancer sucks” ornament. 

[Image description: Two clear ornaments with assorted bits of glitter and decoration inside that say “Cancer Sucks” in red lettering on the outside.]

Wishing you all a happy holiday and a joyous new year!
Matt, Morgan and Harjeet

[Image description: A group photo of young adults holding up the gifts that they got from the gift exchange.]

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