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Localife Edmonton celebrates Christmas at Crankpots

Dear Diary,

After my initiation ceremony of murdering pumpkins, carving delightful images in to them, and eating the remains, I once again met with the Localife Edmonton group. Our objective was far less gruesome this time, as we were decorating ceramics with paint and having a holiday pizza party. You may even say the gathering was — festive.

Objects selected for decoration ranged from dog-inspired Christmas tree ornaments, gnomes, ring dishes, soap trays, and many other delightful objects. Our creativity was fuelled by pizza, brownies, festive cheer, and we felt so welcomed by the staff at Crankpots.

We chatted the evening away and discussed our plans for the upcoming holiday season, with some of us being so engaged in conversation and snacking that our masterpieces came second! Thanks to the wonderful Localife program, our party was completely funded and no one had to spill a cent to create their masterpieces.

After being decorated, the staff finished our pieces in their kilns, and we were invited to come pick them up the following week. It was particularly delightful to have our out of town friends from the North visit and join us for the festivities. Curious timing, though. Perhaps they were actually the Mr. and Mrs. Claus I hear so much about?!

Our next visit will take place for the ever exciting Big Cancer Hook-up, which is sure to delight. We have many more events in the works, and we are always open to suggestions. To connect with Morgan and Mandy to learn more about what’s coming up, email

Wishing you all a peaceful and prosperous 2020,
Love from Morgan and Mandy

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