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Localife Calgary’s pool party went swimmingly

On August 25, 2018, Localife Calgary held a pool party and BBQ, and it was gallons of fun.

Our event started with an optional icebreaker to introduce ourselves and share our diagnoses which lead to a non-optional sharing of what super power we would have if we could choose one. Our creative YACC group chose all sorts of different powers from healing people with a hug to having the power to look perfect at all times.

Next it was time to eat and, lucky for us, Marc was around to help turn on the BBQ. We enjoyed a feast while chatting about trips we had been on and the outdoor rock climbing adventure that many of our group had gone on the week before. We heard stories of overcoming a fear of heights and saw pictures of lions from a vacation a member of our group had taken to South Africa.

Out of the eleven YACCers who came to this event, only three were brave enough to jump in the water. The rest of us sat along the side of the pool, dangled our feet in, and chatted about life and living with a cancer diagnosis. This event was full of meaningful conversations, supportive interactions, and a whole lot of fun.

We hope to see the whole YACC group soon for our Halloween-themed event in mid October.

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