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Localife Calgary: You can’t be bored with board games!


On October 22, 2018, Localife Calgary held a board game night at Hexagon Board Game Café — and it was far from boring.

Our event started at 7 p.m., and after a short round of introductions, we let the games begin. With our large group of 13 members, we were able to split up and have more selection in which games we wanted to play. Stephen chose a classic game — The Settlers of Catan — while Jodde and Corrine got a little wild choosing to play Cards Against Humanity.

Our group indulged in some amazing treats at Hexagon’s. Some of us warmed up with a cup of frothy hot chocolate, while others drank some cider in celebration of the break they had before their treatments resumed. On a side note, Jodde’s perfectly scored grilled cheese sandwich was a sight to behold, keeping five grown adults captivated with it’s unrealistic perfection.

We were so happy to see some new faces at this event — the night would not have been the same without them!

We all shared some stories and shared even more laughter at our games night. The Catan side of the table engaged in some friendly competition while the other side reacted with plenty of gasps and groans while their answers were read out loud. The night ended with a bang as both groups joined forces to try and beat Julie’s twisted mind in Card Against Humanity. Though Julie won, we all had an incredible night featuring fun, support, and great conversation.

We hope to see even more of our YACC members at our next Christmas-themed event in December!

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