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Localife Calgary spends the night at Telus Spark

On March 12, 2020, Localife Calgary went to the Telus Spark science centre, and it’s safe to say it really “sparked” our interest. This was a small event as it was held at the start of COVID-19; we are grateful to the members who came out as well as to those who stayed home to keep themselves and others safe.

The evening started off on a spooky note as our group went to see the Animal Inside Out exhibit. Here we saw the inner workings of a variety of different species, including a human skeleton. This environment was eerie on it’s own though the combination of the lady carrying a human heart and the staff wearing animal masks, really brought it to the next level.

Next we explored the electricity exhibit where our Localifers danced their hearts out (no pun intended) trying to produce electricity and beat the high score. Unfortunately we came second, though we knew that if more of our group had been there we definitely would have won!

Throughout the night we had a great time. We built tube tracks for marbles to slide down, we saw methane gas bubbles lit on fire, and we wrapped up the evening with a movie about spirit bears.

Overall this event was a lot of fun and allowed us all to bring out our inner children.

We hope to see the rest of our group at our next event!

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