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Localife Calgary hosts holly, jolly night

On December 15, 2018, Localife Calgary held a holiday party in partnership with Wellspring Calgary, and it was a holly, jolly evening.

Our event started with an icebreaker, where members introduced themselves to the group and talked about a time when they had a Christmas disaster. The group told stories of meeting their in-laws, being snowed in on Christmas, unwrapping their presents early, and the group favorite — cats climbing and destroying Christmas trees.

Next, we all grabbed some food and away we went for fun and games. One group played board games while another embarked on a charades extravaganza. The people playing charades brought out their competitive sides, yelling out answers and cracking up at Lesley’s brilliant attempt to act out Godzilla. The laughter roared louder with a different version of charades where the actors would have to guess what they were doing by getting closer to the action, though this style of playing got a little out of hand when the group tried to make Jodde and Stephen twerk.

Our Localifers stood in the kitchen and sat in the waterfall room chatting, laughing, and eating, and once all our bellies were full, we gathered around the Christmas tree for a lovely group photo.

This event was one to remember; the warmth of friendships being built and strengthened could be felt all around, and the soothing atmosphere of Carma house truly emulated the Christmas spirit.

We look forward to our next event — the Big Cancer Hook-up on January 26, 2019 at Wellspring Carma House.

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