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Localife Calgary hits the mark

On July 27, 2019 Localife Calgary visited Axe Games Calgary, and we must admit, we hit the mark on this one.

Our event started with an icebreaker where our members were asked what their weapon of choice would be if they had to be in a Game of Thrones-style battle. It was interesting to see all the different personalities shine through. Our choices were throwing stars, a giant sword, a taser, words, and many of us chose a bow and arrow.

We then had some time to visit and eat. The group flocked to the smell of cheese and finished our appetizers in record time as we laughed and visited while we got to know our newest member a little better.

Next we were shown how to throw the axes and given some time to practice. Our members did well showing the natural fighting skills that one needs for the battle with cancer, and each person stuck the axe in the board at least once. The competition was tight, and we cheered as two of our members went to head to head for the winning spot, though we were all winners after such a fun event.

We finished up the night with some more visiting and talked about our next event which will be a picnic in the park.

We hope to see you there!

Email [email protected] to learn more about the next event!

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