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Internet evolution

As you may have noticed, recently got a facelift. And while it’s the latest change to our web presence, it’s by no means the first. I’d like to take you through the changes we’ve made over the the last six years or so:

Circa 2003. This is the second website that RealTime Cancer (RTC) had. Note the prominence of the Challenge:  this was, at the time, one of RTC’s major activities. We’ve certainly expanded since then (and a change of name as well!). This is before any of the community support started.

Circa 2005. This is really the second design of the “portal” (we called it the portal because we hadn’t come up with a proper brand). T-shirts were how we expressed our news, and we edited those manually in PhotoShop. We also applied an effect similar to that of a LensBaby to each photo to make them look cool.


Circa 2005. To reach of corporate audience (where a good chunk of our funding comes from), we created the “Pro Site.” If you compared it with the design of the portal, you’ll note that the layout is actually identical, just different colours & imagery. The split between what was on each website however was a bit confusing to our audience, and even confusing inside the office (Ed: That’s a spoiler. I smell foreshadowing).

Circa 2007.This redesign put all the content from both the “Pro site” and the “Portal” into a single website. But, it didn’t quite feel right. It used a left hand menu for the portal content, and the top menu for the “Pro site” stuff. The t-shirts became automated so no more PhotoShop was needed. It was also the first website that was truly connected to a database/content management system: a big step forward.

Circa 2009. This is the website which we quietly put up on the internet last week and it’s still a bit of a work in progress. We’ve given all of our major programs a level of navigation on the far left of every page, and section navigation in the blue bar. The forums have disappeared. I’ll be working to bring them back online. Over the course of the next few weeks and months, I’ll be posting a whole lot of photos.

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