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Jody Mason’s “Don’t Waste The Happy” Fund

Jody had a smile that could light up the darkest room, a laugh that was truly infectious, and a sense of humour that could make even the hardest character chuckle.


About Jody

Jody was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 32. In a singular moment in February 2011, his world and the worlds of all who loved him, changed forever. His reaction to his diagnosis stands as one of the most unique and brave: “Cancer? But I’m a Pisces!”

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Over his six-year battle — which included mets to lymph nodes, liver, lung, brain and spine — Jody approached each day with unparalleled strength, remarkable resilience, and unrelenting bravery. In facing a disease that fills many with fear and dread, Jody found courage and grace.

After a brief period of remission, Jody relapsed and despite his strong support circle, he decided it was time to seek the support of Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC). He attended Retreat Yourself 2014 in Ontario with his loving partner, Cavell, and once again his life changed forever. Like many other young adults facing the possibility of a terminal illness just as their adult lives are starting, Jody found himself realizing how truly important it was to speak with others like himself and share his eternal optimism.

Through his work with YACC, Jody touched and changed many lives all across the country with his hilarious stories; his alter-ego, “Finnigan Critch”; his positive attitude; and his ability to never lose hope.

Jody taught that one could acknowledge cancer as a curse, but that cancer could also be seen as a gift. Cancer taught Jody a greater awareness of self, it taught him to get the most out of every moment of life, and it taught him never to take health for granted.

In turn, Jody taught those around him:

A life-long fan of comics and superheroes, early on in his battle Jody began to identify with Superman, and he became the human personification of a beacon of hope. Jody’s illness never defined him, his strength and courage did.

Jody Mason spent six inspirational years fighting hard, laughing harder, and loving with all his heart and soul. He evolved to a higher plane of being in August 2017, and he rests in power as well as peace. Jody lived more in 39 years than many do in a lifetime and, more importantly, Jody lived a life that matters. He continues to be a beacon of hope for all.

Jody’s family and friends are committed to spending the rest of their lives to honour his memory and build a legacy to aid in continuing his work with YACC to help more young adults experience the power of connection, and support them to “not waste the happy.” Your donations will help young adults dealing with cancer in their late teens, 20s, and 30s connect with a supportive community through digital, local, and national events. YACC has a 24/7 digital network; fun, casual, social events around the country; and four-day national programs that help YACCers live with, through, and beyond cancer.

Every cancer, every stage, YACC has their backs, but these programs wouldn’t be possible without your generous support.

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