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Every means every

On Monday, June 15, YACC turns 20. Unlike many 20-year-olds, YACC knows it does not know everything. The opposite, actually. What started as a celebration has evolved beautifully into a vision to share our history and gratitude with you, while showing you the YACC of today and the one we envision for tomorrow.

We are a different YACC than last week

Over the past two weeks, we have received important and challenging messages from YACCers, sparking reflection on our understanding of racism and its impact on Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) in the cancer system and YACC’s own community.

We have also received generous offers to help us learn, grow, and do better. We have pushed our own fears away, are embracing this effort, and leading with an open heart while knowing we have A LOT to learn about the racism faced by young adults dealing with cancer in the BIPOC communities and even more changes to make in how we support them.

Every cancer, every stage, YACC’s got your back. A mantra shared millions of times, literally.

The word “every” means a lot at YACC, we are deeply connected to it. It will mean “colour” (and “identity”) just as it does cancer and stage.

On Monday we will celebrate our past, share how we are rolling with this wild ride of 2020, and specifically get into the road ahead for YACC.


Our sense of gratitude is immense, millions of visitors to our web spaces, hundreds of thousands of donors and event participants, and thousands of volunteers have built a YACC community of 4,000 young adults across Canada.

We’ve done some cool stuff and we know our best is yet to come. See you on Monday. (RSVP here)

Live life. Love life.


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