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YACCers recommend: Music

By Blair Richardson

Hey everyone!

Just a short blog from me today! Over the last four years, I have found that I would handle treatment a lot better when I was able to listen to music. For the more stressful and intense treatments like a bone marrow biopsy, it helps to calm me down; for the more minor treatments like receiving blood, it helped time pass much faster. Once I showed up for an appointment that I expected would take 15 minutes. When the nurses told me it would take five hours, I asked them to wait while I went and bought headphones from the gift shop. Doing that made the day go by much faster!

I asked the YACC community members if they felt the same way and many people agreed. I also asked people for the song that got them though their cancer treatments or hard periods in their lives in general; I have taken those songs and made an official “YACC Music Bops” Spotify playlist so we can experience each other’s music and support each other through treatment in a different way!

This playlist can always be edited, so if you are a member of YACC with a suggestion, please reach out to me via the Private YACC alumni Facebook group.

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