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Workshop aims to help survivors and supporters cope with stress, anxiety (Toronto)

In partnership with Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Integrative Restoration (iRest) teachers Dr. Tatiana Melnyk and Beta Leung, mental health clinician, are leading a six-week group for cancer patients/survivors and their supporters between May 17-June 21, 2016.

What is iRest

Their pamphlet says iRest Yoga Nidra was developed by Richard Miller, PhD, a clinical psychologist researcher and Eastern scholar. iRest is an adaptation of Yoga Nidra, Tantric practices and other Eastern teachings which have been integrated within Western psychological approaches. iRest is a researched and established intervention for trauma, pain, chronic medical issues, mood and anxiety issues and sleep disruption.

iRest is deeply restorative and healing, guiding the participant to recognize the underlying peace of mind and profound sense of being, no matter what the circumstances. Though iRest is Yoga-based, any movement in iRest work is gentle and restorative. Most of the practices are lying down, sitting comfortably, or in another comfortable position.

Severe acute stress and anxiety can occur at the time of a cancer diagnosis and can continue throughout the course of the illness. Stress and anxiety can make the process of coping and recovering more difficult. By learning how to more effectively deal with stress, and reconnect with our own well being, we recover the parts of ourselves that are not touched by illness. This internal resilience guides us as we navigate the cancer journey.

For more information on how to register, please contact Heather Bromberg at [email protected] or call (416) 946-4501 ext 5140.


Orientation (mandatory)
When: May 3 at 3 p.m.
Location: Princess Margaret Hospital, 16 floor, Room 728

iRest group dates
When: Tuesdays, May 17-June 21 (inclusive), 2016 from 4-6 p.m.
Location: Health, Wellness & Cancer Survivor Centre
Toronto General Hospital Muck Elevator, Basement Level, BCS021
Tel: (416) 581-8620 or (416) 581-8604

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