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Kristina Mathioudakis

Program Coordinator

[email protected]
(709) 579-7325


Kitchener, Ontario

Team member since

August 2022

Programs attended

Dunk for the Brave 2022

What’s your favourite sports team/band/book/movie/place in the world?

I have a lot of favourites! Favourite sports team is the Toronto Raptors, favourite movie is Enchanted or Little Mermaid, favourite place in the world is New York City, and I am an avid reader so there are too many favourites to list!

What do you do when you’re not at YACC?

I enjoy taking my dog on walks or hikes, curling up with a tea and a book, or watching reality TV!

What are your words of wisdom/favourite quote?

Don’t let the things you can’t control stop you from enjoying the things that you can.

What attracted you to YACC?

I have always been a positive and upbeat person so I found myself wanting to work with people who shared my same values and passion. When the world tries to hand you so many bad things it can be easy to get caught up in it, but being in an organization like YACC shows you the potential and positivity that is still left to be explored.

What are people always surprised to learn about you?

My passion for reading extends past what most expect; I have worked as an influencer and reviewer for publishing companies and have travelled to attend book events! I’ve run different reading groups and projects for the last few years!

What were you like as a kid?

I was a shy kid at first glance but once I got to know someone my passion and kind-heartedness would shine through.

Which superpower would you like to have?

I would like to have the ability to fly because there are so many parts of the world I want to see.

What do you wish you could do?

I wish I could inspire people and help them see the positive parts of life.

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