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Duncan Pike


Duncan Pike (he/him) is survivor of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a campaigner, and social movement trainer with a passion for supporting people who are organizing for a more just, fair, and equitable society.

Duncan has worked with other adolescent and young adult cancer survivors to fight for increased resources for AYA cancer care, and to raise the voice of AYA survivors within the movement to protect and strengthen the public health care system in Canada.

As a facilitator and Communications Lead with the Institute for Change Leaders in Toronto, Duncan has trained hundreds of new activists and union members on organizing and campaign strategy and tactics, public narrative, and campaign messaging.

He has attended Retreat Yourself three times (once as participant and twice as a peer supporter) and two Survivor Conferences. He says it was so wonderful to be able to connect with others experiencing what he went through, and to be able to share his own experience.

Attending Retreat Yourself and connecting with other survivors through YACC was key to helping Duncan process what he had been through. Being able to connect with others who understood what he was experiencing was so important, and made it easier to bring to the surface and process all the pain, rage and sadness he was feeling. Everything YACC and the young adult cancer community has done has meant so much, and Duncan is acutely aware of how much he has personally benefited from the work and generosity of those who have come before him. It is a great privilege to have the opportunity to give back.

Diagnosis: Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Age at diagnosis: 24

Location: BC


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