Talk about your experiences, relax, have fun, and share stories with your peers who “get it.”

Retreat Yourself will help you meet and connect with people who understand what you’re going through. Retreats are flexible, and we work with each group to choose what their program is like.

There is no registration fee for YACC’s Retreat Yourself programs. The cost of food and accommodations for the duration of the program is funded through YACC’s annual fundraising efforts. Travel assistance is available.

Please note that to be eligible, you have to attend the full event from Thursday afternoon to Monday morning. All details and information will be provided to you once you are confirmed.



What you can expect

Welcoming Environments

We take some time to get to know one another from the start so we’re comfortable and open for the rest of the weekend.

Small Group Discussions

We’ll discuss topics that are chosen by you, from relationships, family and friends, sexuality and intimacy, to fear of recurrence, the future, and more.

Information & Resources

You’ll get an update on the situation of young adult cancer survivors in Canada and also gain tools to help you in your daily life.


Retreat Yourself is for young adults who were diagnosed with cancer between the ages of 15-39 and are currently between 18-39. You are also permitted to bring a supporter — like a friend, sibling, or partner — who is also between 18-39 where space permits.

Endless Support

"Though incredibly difficult to leave my daughter for the few days, I knew that I really needed to do this for me. Putting my oxygen mask on first, so that I can take care of her better, as it were. I’ve made some incredible friendships and have added many new members to my ever-growing family."

- Retreat Yourself participant

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