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Localife Toronto goes apple picking

It can be argued that no one could possibly have ushered in the autumn season quite as accurately as Localife Toronto. On Sunday, September 26, our GTA band of characters trekked up to Caledon, ON to take in the festivities of Spirit Tree Cidery.

An overcast but mild afternoon set the tone for the two Localife leaders, Kayla and Alex, along with 12 gung-ho members to travel to the orchard and purchase their individual 10 lb apple bags. It was a pleasant coincidence that our entire group was able to file into the back of a single tractor and take the round about to the back of the picking area. Apple trees towered over us as the group spread out into singles and pairs to pick honeycrisp, mitsu, and royal gala apples. Kayla took this opportunity to showcase her photography skills as she snapped a few candids of our eager Localife members as they grasped for the hard-to-reach fruit.

After a 30-minute mission, everyone slowly wandered back to the farm shoppe and dropped off their haul. It’s safe to say that everyone took full advantage of their bags, as a few members were dropping loose apples on the way to their cars! The group dispersed for a half-hour window as everyone took in the farm shoppe for some baked goods, cider and coffee, as some rested in their cards or took another lap of the apple orchard.

When everyone had settled, our leaders set up a few picnic tables side by side and ordered some appetizers for the group. The true reason for Localife was most abundant in these moments, as everyone enjoyed the company of their fellow cancer thriver or supporter. The food was picked and prodded at, the cheers of glasses were heard, and before you know it a few hours had passed and the conversation never stopped. What an amazing way to kick off a new season!

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