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House Party FAQs

What is YACC’s House Party?

We have made a lot of amazing connections through digital programming over the last three years, but we know nothing beats bringing the community together in real life. So we decided to take a “tour” and visit some of our YACCers (new and old) in their home towns. We’ll spend the day hanging out, learning, and sharing stories! The goal is to help you deepen your connection to your local YACC community and feel supported.

Who can attend?

These events are for those that have received a cancer diagnosis before the age of 40 and who are currently 18-39 years of age. You are welcome to invite one supporter who also falls within the 18-39 age range. (If you have questions about age criteria, please reach out to [email protected] and we can discuss your individual situation).

Can I bring a supporter with me?

Yes. We encourage you to bring a supporter (who also fits within the criteria of being 18-39* years of age). When trying to decide on this supporter, please ensure it is someone you are completely comfortable with. Topics, such as sex, relationships, fears, etc. may come up and you want to make sure you are with someone that you are comfortable sharing these experiences with. A sibling, a best friend, or a romantic partner are all great choices). Also, while we know some of you may have great relationships with your parents, not everyone does, and some topics may make participants uncomfortable to discuss in front of a parental figure, so we do not allow parents to attend as your supporter. If you do want to bring a supporter with you, they must also register before being confirmed.

If your closest supporter is older than 39, please connect with [email protected] and we will discuss options

What is the schedule of the event?

Currently the House Party is not set up so that people can come and go. It’s designed for participants to attend the full day (approx. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

The program is built in a way that individuals would connect and get to know each other in the morning and then build on these connections throughout the day with group discussions and activities. Coming and going at different times would affect how the day is experienced by all. 

However, if you have questions or concerns about this, please reach out to the house party team to discuss at [email protected]

What is the registration fee for this day?

There is no fee for this day. The House Party and the Localife Event are both FREE for you and a supporter (also aged 18-39).

Where do I find details on my city?

YACC’s House Party will be hosted in several cities across the country. For more information on events near you, please check out this link. We will update and add to this as we finalize each city.

I have never participated in a face-to-face event of YACC’s before and I am nervous about meeting a bunch of new faces.

We know it can be daunting to meet up with a bunch of people you do not know to participate in (quite likely your first ever) “cancer day.” First, know that you are not alone in these feelings. Typically, each of YACC’s events are usually half full of “newbies” (i.e. people who have never been to a YACC event before), so you will likely be in the majority.

Secondly, know that our staff are trained professionals. We have been offering successful, life-changing, face-to-face programming since 2005. You are in good hands.

One thing you can do before you attend the weekend event is to join (if you haven’t already) and participate in our private Facebook group. It is a great place to “meet” people before the event. While we know it is a digital relationship at first, once you meet at the House Party you will feel like you have been friends forever.

If you are not in this group, and you would like to be, just connect with Lesley ([email protected]) and she will make sure you get hooked up. If you are not on Facebook, but still want to connect with someone attending the House Party, let Lesley know and she can connect you to another participant via email.

You are calling this a “House Party”; should I expect drinking and other typical party elements?

No. This “house party” will be drug- and alcohol-free. We know the high you will receive from connecting with other YACCers will be enough to make us enjoy the day/night.

How do I register for the House Party?

You can register online by clicking here. If you have any trouble with this, please email: [email protected]

What about food during the day?

YACC will be providing lunch and a couple of snacks during the House Party portion of the day. If you need more food to get you through the day, please come prepared. Please bring any special foods you need that you feel we may not have available. Or connect with [email protected].

I require special assistance or have dietary restrictions, whom do I contact?

There is a section on the online registration form where you can list any special needs. We will then work with the venue/caterer to ensure your dietary restrictions or any physical restrictions are met. You can also email [email protected].  

Will there be other locations?/Can the House Party come to my city?

We love that so many of our community members want the House Party experience and we would love to be able to bring it to every corner of the country. However, for 2023 at least, our resources (money and capacity) are limiting us to the selected cities.

I need some financial help to get to the event in my city.

Because the House Party has a very local focus, we have a very limited bursary for those that may need a little extra help getting to the venue. Here are the details of this bursary:

How does this work? YACCers would organize and pay for their travel on their own. Once the event is over, you would submit a bursary claim (by clicking here) to YACC for payment. Images of all receipts (including Google maps, parking receipts, etc.) must be saved and uploaded with this claim. We cannot reimburse without receipts.

Note: This is a limited budget, so we ask that only those that really need it request these funds and there may also be limits to what we can reimburse. If you have questions, please reach out to [email protected] 

I have a question that was not listed above? And/or I would like to discuss further one of your answers above?

No problem, please email [email protected] for any additional questions or clarifications you may have/need.

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