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Get more from your workout with the right foods


Exercise is good, and it’s important to eat well, but have you ever thought about exactly what you’re putting in your body and when? Different foods have different benefits according to when you’re eating them.
Make sure you eat breakfast and that it’s full of good stuff like fibre, protein, and whole grains to help keep you full until lunchtime. Eat a smaller dinner to help your digestive system overnight so your body can focus on relaxing instead of working to process what’s in your stomach. Drink water to keep dehydration at bay and curb unhealthy snack breaks since we can sometimes reach for food when all we need is water.
While we need food to get through the day, eating the right foods at the right time can have added benefits to your workout for better results.
The MD Cancer Centre says fueling up within two to four hours of a workout, before and after, gives your body the energy it needs to get the most out of your workout and keep working after you hit the showers.
Eat lean protein and an orange before a workout. These foods make your body use its fat stores for energy instead of getting it from carbs and the protein will help you build stronger muscles and retain muscle mass.
Make sure you have good sources of iron, like chickpeas or spinach, to help keep motivated. Iron deficiency is common, especially in women, and is a major culprit for low energy.
Drink a cup of water before and after a workout, and another cup during your workout for every 20 minutes you’re exercising. This keeps you sufficiently hydrated and your workout more effective.
Bonnie Lang, one of our regular facilitators, has a fitness blog and regularly offers great workouts you can do at home with little to no equipment, and delicious healthy recipes you can make to keep your body working like it should (keep your eye to her blog posts for hidden recipes as well).
MD Anderson Cancer Centre
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Life to the Full

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