It’s hard out here for a Survivor

It’s hard out here for a Survivor

By Amy Aubin
March 12, 2012

Drive to the hospital/gas for the car: $62

Car insurance payment: $90

Car payment: $169

Chemotherapy drugs: $12,422 (one treatment)

Child care for the day: $50

Childcare/helper for the week of chemo: $325

Food for the week: $175

Electricity/hydro: $200

Rent: $1000

Medications: $397

I know you’re probably expecting a happy ending like on those MasterCard moments you see on television. Unfortunately, that MasterCard moment doesn’t exist when you have cancer.

Given that March and April are tax months, it seemed a good time to talk about the dreaded topic of finances.  Finances are such a touchy topic since it is intertwined in so many other topics and it is hard to discuss with new boyfriends, partners, even with parents.

Money gets tangled in with all the other complications and issues that come with a diagnosis of cancer, especially when you are a young adult and just starting out.  Many of us have student loans, have just moved out, have children, pets, and other obligations.

I am a very proud person who has always been self-sufficient. My husband and I have always managed. We ran out of things to cancel around November 2011 and came to what seemed like an awful revelation: we had to move home.

Everyone has their own situations to face when it comes to finances. We were fortunate enough to have help from family, but so many others struggle to find a balance.

The really unfortunate part is that some people are forced to make the decision whether to receive treatment or not based on money.  This should NEVER happen, to anyone, let alone to young adults. We are supposed to be at a time in our lives when we should focus on love, and living our lives. Cancer puts a complete stop on a lot of that.

There are limited resources out there to help us young adults continue on, and it varies province to province.  I have personally found the best way is to connect with a Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) to find a group in your province. Word of mouth gives the best advice.

We are all in this together and never forget: no matter what, you are not alone!

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