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Insight on “recovery”

By Meagan On September 14, 2022 the Insight team met after a summer break. During introductions, one of our member’s dogs was nice enough to say hello to everyone, and were fortunate to have three babies join our meeting, bringing smiles! The icebreaker was: “What was important to you when going back to school?” This had everyone reminiscing about back to school time, and clothes, shoes, markers, and how not to go back to school were all memories brought up! Dani (YACC staffer) updated us on what is happening with the YAC Prime Study and where some areas of discussion need to happen. We had Cheryl and Andrea join us from the YAC Prime research team; they are hoping to gain a greater insight by joining our conversations as they are putting the next study together. The main topic of this meeting was discussing the word “recovery,” in all its forms. Is this the right word to use as we navigate the area after a diagnosis? Is it the right word to have in the YAC Prime Study questions? What does the word mean, and how does it apply? How do we understand the word? How have we used this word in our lives? Is there another word, that we should be looking into using? After a detailed discussion, different perspectives being offered, and looking up synonyms, it was decided that we would recommend continuing to use the word recovery. A member had shared these words with us that seemed to resonate with everyone: When you have a mirror and it shatters, you slowly put it back together and eventually a new reflection emerges. This is what recovery is. Recovery (indicating no end point), recovering (no time limit on what one has gone through), recovered (a personal choice as to when this might be accomplished) — these words are all relevant to our journeys. They are all encompassing with the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects that are involved. The point was made to be specific in how this word is used and what the expectation of the word is in the YAC Prime questions. At the end of the meeting, the consensus was positivity and excitement over the upcoming YAC Prime Study and what it has the potential to accomplish. Our next meeting will be in November.  

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