YACCtivist: Ryan Blenkiron (she/her)

YACCtivist: Ryan Blenkiron (she/her)

I identify as a cisgender white woman and a single mother. 

Like most 30-somethings with major life milestones behind them, my life was vibrant, loud, confident and fast. Then, at 33, everything stopped in its tracks and I derailed into the dull, quiet, uncertain, and slow life of a cancer diagnosis and its treatment.

By remission, I barely recognized my life or who I was. I desperately needed the young adult cancer community as I felt alone within my own family and my own generation. I began to lean into the online YACC community and took the opportunity to attend a Survivor Conference — an incredibly pivotal experience in my recovery. I left feeling equipped for my “new normal.” I also learned the issues I was dealing with were common.

Being a YACCtivist reconciles several existential pulls I have felt since diagnosis, and I’m beyond excited to help others find the life-changing connections so many of us find with YACC’s support. Now I’m on a mission to share my story and #findthe21 young adults diagnosed daily that don’t find YACC. Help me by sharing info about YACC with young adults around you!

Diagnosis: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (Diffuse Large B Cell)

Age at diagnosis: 33

Province: ON


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