YACCtivist: Mandy Lamothe

YACCtivist: Mandy Lamothe

I was initially diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2014, but after being told in May 2017 my Thyca had spread to my lungs, I started googling “young adults with cancer.” YACC was the first thing that came up in my search and I immediately looked more into the website.

I read a profile of another young adult with thyroid cancer and I was bawling and just felt at home reading it. In less than 12 hours, I was in the private Facebook group and had YACCers from all over Canada messaging me and welcoming me “home.” I just felt like for the first time since getting diagnosed I was going to be heard, understood, and okay.

There have been silver linings to my diagnoses. For most of my life, I used drugs and alcohol to escape problems. After working with YACC and truly finding myself, I decided I no longer need that as a coping way and I have been sober since November 2017.

Diagnosis: Papillary thyroid carcinoma, now metastatic thyroid cancer

Age at diagnosis: 31

Province: AB




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