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Sharon Mahachi

Fund Development and Relationship Management Coordinator

[email protected]
(709) 579-7325

About Sharon Mahachi

Sharon is a qualified pharmacist with several years of experience in community and hospital pharmacy. She is a Rhodes University (South Africa) graduate and is currently studying a graduate diploma in clinical epidemiology at Memorial University. Sharon is passionate about connecting with people.


Ruwa, Zimbabwe

Team member since


What’s your favourite sport/athlete/book?

I love tennis! Raphael “Rafa” Nadal is the greatest of all time (GOAT). I love poetry books, especially Rupi Kaur’s poetry.

What do you do when you’re not at YACC?

Netflix and binge watch reality TV shows.

What are people always surprised to learn about you?

That l love tennis so much, but l can’t play it.

What were you like as a kid?

Very bubbly and extroverted.

Which superpower would you like to have?

To read minds; l think that will be cool to just know what one’s next move is without even speaking to them.

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