YACCtivists build the awareness and capacity of YACC so we’re able to reach more young adults with cancer, serve them with more programming opportunities, and change what it means to have cancer in your late teens, 20s, and 30s.⁠

YACCtivist: Alex Mandarino (he/him)

“I was an active and bright-eyed kid before cancer. When I was diagnosed, I felt alone, lost, and disconnected from all of those around me.”

YACCtivist: Ashley B. (she/her)

“I hope to help others advocate for themselves and their health needs, accept their emotions surrounding cancer, and help build the AYA community I have come to love.”

YACCtivist: Ashley (she/her)

“I am joining the YACCtivist team to draw attention to disability issues in young adult cancer survivors (caused/not caused) by cancer.”

YACCtivist: Blair Richardson

“YACC gave me a new way of looking at life and taught me how to thrive even though I still have cancer.”

YACCtivist: Charlene (she/her)

“The importance of connection and breaking the isolation that young adults face is one of the reasons for me becoming a YACCtivist.”

YACCtivist: Courtney (she/her)

“I wanted to become a YACCtivist to do more and give back to this amazing organization and help other cancer peeps find the wonderful community of YACC.”

YACCtivist: Duncan Pike (he/him)

“I am acutely aware of how much I have personally benefited from the work and generosity of those who have come before me. It is a great privilege to have the opportunity to give back.”

YACCtivist: Heather Brown (she/her)

“I am eager to give back to YACC and the AYA community because it was such an important part of my own cancer experience.”

YACCtivist: Jay Abramovitch (he/him)

“I hope sharing this passion and lived experiences with fellow YACC members will support and encourage them to take control of their cancer journeys.”

YACCtivist: Kara Leduc (she/her)

“I enjoy the connection and support YACC provides, and I want to help make more young adults aware of YACC so they can feel less alone in their cancer journeys.”

YACCtivist: Kirsten Efremov (she/her)

“As both a pediatric and AYA survivor, I feel I have great advocacy skills and a powerful story to inspire others.”

YACCtivist: Lindsay Lorraine (she/her)

“The importance of connecting in my own cancer journey is the main reason I want to be more involved in supporting the YACC community.”

YACCtivist: Marley Cameron (she/her)

“YACC became a safe haven of hope and a constant source of support for me through my recovery process. It has carried me through two relapses and has continued to support me every day since.”

YACCtivist: Matt Ralph (he/his)

“The YACCtivist program is an opportunity to work on a stronger and more solid group voice. Our stories, our problems, and our issues are unique, and they deserve to be heard.”

YACCtivist: Michaela (she/her)

“My growing understanding of my own cancer experience and desire to encourage others in similar situations is why I am excited to be a YACCtivist!”

YACCtivist: Nicole Clark (she/her)

“The importance in helping others in similar situations feel less alone is why I volunteer for YACC.”

YACCtivist: Sarah Bell (she/her)

“Connecting with other young adult cancer survivors has been an extremely rewarding and meaningful experience for me and has instilled a passionate drive to help support others in profound times of need.”

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