The one time my body let me down: My story for far too long


YAC Prime: Body image concerns of young adult cancer survivors: A brief report

“The purpose of this study was to describe body image among YA cancer survivors and examine relationships between body image and personal (age, gender), medical (time since diagnosis, stage, recurrence, metastasis, treatment status, number of treatments received), and psychosocial (distress, social support, post traumatic growth) variables.”

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PANEL: Moving Forward With Or After Cancer In COVID Times

With COVID-19 in the picture and some aspects of our lives starting up again with the new season, we know that moving forward, for our community members, looks a little different for you and comes with different concerns. 

Join us on September 17 to connect with other young adults who know how you’re feeling.

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Six month check in: Living with cancer in a pandemic

“I accepted a job days before the world changed. What if I would be redeployed to a COVID+ unit? Would I be safe? Was my body more vulnerable than others as the scars littered across my chest and abdomen might suggest? After almost six years out of treatment, I was angry that my vulnerable health might once again threaten what I had planned for my life. COVID-19 changed all the rules.”

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My emotional roller coaster

With a surplus of alone time during the COVID-19 quarantine, Jennifer found herself learning to cope with past traumas and emotions.

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Waiting on scan results

YACCtivist Jennifer Ryan writes about what she’s doing while she waits for the results from her yearly whole body scan.

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Another way to flatten COVID-19? Roll it.

Access to YACC’s supportive community has never been more important as young adults are facing diagnosis, treatment, survivorship, isolation, and uncertainty in an more isolated and uncertain society. So, we’re grabbing our wheels and hitting the asphalt to help them connect with a peer community that “gets it.”

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Flattening COVID-19 one kilometre at a time

“Inspired by my rekindled love for rollerblading, we are pumped and ready to roll out Roller Brave — a cross-Canada, virtual, simultaneous relay aimed at raising funds to support YACC’s support programs.”

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