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Be a YACC Chats leader!

YACC Chats provide a way for young adults affected by cancer to connect in an easy, safe, and supportive environment. These chats are peer-led themed virtual conversations offered over Zoom by a team of YACC leaders.

This dynamic team could include you!

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Lessons for living in limbo

Janelle’s first post in the private YACC Facebook group asked community members for advice on how to feel like she was living while dealing with cancer. In her latest blog post, she reflects on some of those suggestions, and adds a new one of her own.

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What being a YACCtivist did for me

“When the opportunity came up a couple of years ago to be a YACCtivist, I was ready to focus energy on something else now that I felt I was on the mend.”

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Be a YACCtivist!

YACCtivists further the mission and impact of YACC through advocacy, communications, and fundraising.

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A YACC Chats update

After hosting over 30 chats, YACC Chats leader Marley will be finishing up her term at the end of this month.

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What the fog?

In her final YACCtivist blog post, Ashley writes about the top five habits that are helping her move beyond cancer.

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