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The feeling of being left behind

“Physically, my body was fighting against a disease that was trying to kill me, and emotionally I was left struggling with the feelings of desertion and abandonment by those around me.”

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Cancer taught me to embrace change

By Ashley Stead-Morine My life took a 180 at 27; I’m not complaining. If you’ve followed my blog posts, listened to my story on Soar Above Cancer and Sickboy podcasts,…

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To grow or not to grow

“Growth after cancer is not linear. Each person has such a unique experience with their illness, and as a result, we all grow and change at our own speed.”

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Localife leaders needed

Since 2012, Localife has been connecting young adults dealing with cancer in their own communities through fun, casual events and opportunities. We’re nearing the end of the term for some…

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Going back to Memory Lane

YACCtivist Alex takes a look through the journal his mom kept while he was undergoing treatment a few years back.

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