I was wildly unprepared for parenting with a cancer diagnosis


Vulnerability is sexy

By Alex Mandarino It’s rare that we as individuals hold the power to change the trajectory of somebody’s day just by sharing a piece of advice or kind words. Quite…

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Localife leaders needed!

We’re nearing the end of the term for some leaders, and we need your help to make sure these events continue to to help YACC with its mission of being “a connection to peers, bridge out of isolation, and source of inspiration” in Calgary, St. John’s, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, and Winnipeg!

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Top 10 pages for 2019

Inspired by the end of year recaps we’ve been seeing all over the internet, we compiled the 10 most-read pages on our site this year, and it’s really cool to see most of our visitors are looking for more information on our programs and the YACC community!

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Fear of not living

By Ashley Morine Fellow YACCtivist Shana Coulliard recently blogged about her experience at the “Writing Through Cancer” workshops during our training weekend. The workshop unexpectedly allowed me to dig deep…

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